School Empowerment Programme

On27th August 2009,theGovernmentofIndiaadoptedanewact,theRIGHTTOEDUCATION(RTE). This Act ensures that all children between 6 to 14 years of age have the right to free elementary education.

But what about the RIGHT TO RIGHT EDUCATION? Research states that quality education is still restricted to those who can afford it, in India.

Education and especially ‘Quality’ education in Indian schools, bothprivate and government-aided, has been a subject of concern over several decades. Over 35% of children in government schools are illiterate, in spite of three to four years of schooling. The main reason for this is the traditional rote-learning system. When Fun stops, Learning stops.

We at Parisar Asha believe that education is a precious gift that should be offered to each and every child, the joy of exploratory learning, the confidence in discovering one’s strengths, the hope for a better future with 21st century life skills and an awareness of one’s right and personal space;overall, a way of life that is worth living!

The environment, in which we live, not only fulfils our basic needs, but also offers physical, intellectual, spiritual stimulation and sustenance. Thus, the onus lies on us to preserve and protect it. However, instead of protecting it, we exploit it. Education is considered to be an ideal answer which will recapture human intimacy with Nature, if introduced at the right age.

The purpose of right education can be summarised in three operative words:

CREATIVITY, HEALTH and HARMONY of the individual and the universe.

And …

Right education is a Birth right of every Child!

Weakness in Teaching-Learning process, the so-called rote-learning method makes memory function as a crutch, leading to non-comprehension. To replace this, in the formal and non-formal learning system,the late Ms.Gloria de Souza founded Parisar Asha in 1982. (Reg. No. F 14364,B.P. Trust Act)

She introduced the revolutionary concept of ESAL to the education world. ESAL (Environmental Studies Approach towards Learning) is a problem-solving alternative to the cramming of meaningless facts. It offers the students and teachers a means of Growth in Knowledge, Learning Skills, Attitudes and Values. It seeks to promote an awareness and understanding of the environment, one’s relationship to it and the concern and responsible action necessary to assure our survival, to preserve traditional assets - physical, intellectual, social, cultural - and improve the quality of Life.

Parisar Asha has been instrumental in bringing a change in the traditional rote-learning system, by touching more than 1000 schools, thousands of teachers and millions of students.

Parisar Asha rediscovers again and again Nature’s message, “We need each other to change the world”, and it’s our pleasure to inviteyour prestigious institution as a partner in this noble endeavour,to be instrumental in bringing a change in the present education system and providing quality education to all, especially to our underprivileged children, hailing from poor backgrounds. We also understand that your core focus is ‘Education’. This project beautifully complements your institutional aims and objectives.

We have seen measurable success in all our projects and we are now seeking to expand our programmes to address the needs of underprivileged children by complete hand-holding at every step of school transformation, right from attitude-building to achieving academic excellence. Over the three decades, we have catered to 2500 students, thousands of teachers and millions of students.

Here, at Parisar Asha, we nurture all our projects with commitment and expertise to achieve excellence. In the last three years we have partnered with various corporates, NGOs, government agencies and other social enterprises.

Our Mission & Vision

Our mission to provide a joyful, holistic and child centric quality education through the environment,for the environment, that will empower children to be creative, sensitive & successful positive global citizens.

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