About Us

About Parisar Asha

Parisar Asha, the name has blossomed from the Sanskrit word “Parisar”, meaning “Environ” and “Asha” meaning “Hope”. The Parisar Asha Environmental Education Centre was instituted in 1982 by Ms.Gloria de Souza at Mumbai. Parisar Asha is a Registered Trust since 1990 with a mission to educate. It is committed to serving India’s multi-cultural diversity of human communities through an environment– related learning system, replacing the generally prevalent ‘rote-learning’ method. The system works towards transforming the existing standardized learning menu for schools. Its approach translates the state curriculum into an experiential learning system by incorporating ESAL which is a problem-solving alternative to the cramming of meaningless facts and provides an opportunity for intelligent internalization of concepts, skill development for applied learning, sensitive growth in attitudes and values that make the learner conscious of the environment.

Since 1982 we have a strong presence in the field of education. We have been instrumental in bringing about a change in the present education system by providing quality education for all. We have our presence in aided, unaided and public sector schools. We have also worked in many Govt. & Private Schools in Mumbai, Thane, Nasik, Pune, Goa, Delhi, Shimla, Shillong and tribal areas of Maharashtra like Mokhada, Shahpur & Jawhar . We have also extended our services to foreign countries like USA, Doha, Muscat & Sri Lanka.

Our Mission

Our mission to provide a joyful, holistic and child centric quality education through the environment,for the environment, that will empower children to be creative, sensitive & successful positive global citizens.

Our Vision

Right to Right Education.